Why More Music Venues Need EV Charging

There are a number of activities that we’ve missed during the pandemic, and concerts are up there as one of the most fun and social events that we’ve all been craving. Seeing your favourite acts live with your friends, drinking and having a good time, we’ve all been waiting to buy tickets again. However, some venues haven’t caught up with the electric vehicle (EV) charging point surge, leaving some guests looking for alternative transport options. Whether they need some top up EV charging or to really give their electric car some juice, portable EV charging could be the answer.

Battery storage charging moves away from the disruptiveness of installing chargers, allowing destinations and events to provide an easy way to charge. They also avoid power cuts and are the perfect choice for off-grid locations. We believe you shouldn’t have to research whether a venue has electric vehicle charging, it should already be a given…

Attract a Bigger Crowd

More people than ever before are switching to an electric car. The latest petrol crisis saw inquiries about EV’s shoot up, and more eco-conscious people have already made the all-important change to lower their carbon footprint. If an EV driver wants to visit a venue for an event, but notices that they have no sufficient charging points, it could increase their range anxiety and leave them searching for a charging station.

By providing a top up EV charging solution, you can give visitors the peace of mind that their vehicle will have sufficient enough charge to get them home. Depending on what time they arrive, guests can leave their vehicles for hours, leaving them with a full charge. We can provide our battery storage chargers to locations across the country, even providing a concierge service to keep your chargers working optimally. 

Keeping Up with the Times

In just under 10 years, electric vehicles and hybrids will be the only option when looking for a brand-new vehicle. Therefore, it’s important that businesses across the country start thinking about the future, and deploying portable EV chargers into their car parks now can save them from disruption and issues in the future. With so many people looking to implement effective vehicle charging, it may overwhelm the grid. So, we must adjust wherever necessary.

Our chargers don’t need to be connected to the grid, allowing us to provide our clients with a great charging source without overwhelming their local grid. Music venues are the perfect environment for battery chargers; organisers don’t have to worry about leaving a legacy, as they can simply rent as many chargers as they need for a set payment. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

How Music Venues Can Help…

Millions of people each year visit the UK’s biggest venues. Although some have already opted for EV charger installation, others have still yet to catch up. By deploying battery storage chargers into their car parks, they can set an example for all music lovers, encouraging them to switch to an EV as they notice the sheer abundance of chargers. Having a green initiative makes companies and event organisers look good in the community, and can even attract a wider audience, which leads to better revenue.

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