Why Mobile EV Chargers Need a Concierge Service

Although grid chargers are popping up across the country, there are still a few issues that persist. Like all electrical appliances, they can encounter outages and grid issues, leaving drivers without sufficient charge. Frustration can grow, especially amongst EV drivers, leading to the ever-present problem of range anxiety. Some EV charging companies, like Ford, have started implementing ‘charging angels’ in the US to attend to their chargers whenever they experience a fault. But what about the fleet management of battery storage chargers?

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide mobile EV charging to destinations and events across the country, providing a simple alternative for those who do not wish to connect to the grid. These chargers will not experience the same issues that infrastructure public chargers will, but a concierge service can be provided to ensure they’re working as optimally as possible. If you’re considering battery storage charging solutions for your premises or event, read on below to discover why you need to invest in concierge service.

Keeping Up with Maintenance

EV charging networks are susceptible to breaking down and becoming out of service. Electric vehicles can easily be charged at home, but when drivers are out and about, they need somewhere to top up efficiently to keep them moving. This is where mobile EV charging comes in handy; they aim to top up driver’s batteries in their electric cars, keeping their range anxiety down. By keeping them maintained, you can meet these standards, and ensure no driver gets left behind.

Ford’s ‘Charge Angel’ scheme could really take off and mark the end of faulty charging services causing a major issue. We have our own charging angels here at Elite Vehicle Charging, ensuring your charging points are working coherently throughout your rental period. 

Accommodating EV Drivers

As previously mentioned, a huge issue that has been putting people off since electric vehicles have been available is range anxiety. Drivers worry that an electric car won’t get them very far, so they turn back to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle before taking that leap. We need to ensure that drivers feel safe and secure in their cars, and they never have to worry about losing charge again.

Although charging stations are now in abundance thanks to EV charging companies and the Government taking their own initiative, they aren’t easy to find in remote locations. Mobile EV chargers can be deployed in these areas, and when monitored by your very own concierge service, you can enjoy chargers that don’t need to be connected to the grid and will provide you with a reliable charge.

Charging You Can Trust

Reliability and efficiency are essential when it comes to charging. As mentioned in our previous article, grid chargers can not only suffer outages, but they can also be hacked when deployed at home. Battery storage chargers don’t need to worry about these issues; with a concierge service, the chargers can be monitored effectively, giving you peace of mind.

Our EV chargers can be deployed anywhere across the country, particularly to areas where connecting to the grid is impossible or impractical. Music festivals, sports events and even weddings can benefit from mobile chargers, as they won’t cause disruption. To find out more, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.