Summer 2022 Events That Could Benefit From a Mobile EV Charging Service

As the sun starts to make more of an appearance, there are a wide variety of events for various groups. Whether this is music lovers or those obsessed with football. There’s something for everyone. So, it is important to ensure that all feel welcome; including the electric vehicle industry. Find out what summer 2022 events are coming up and how a mobile EV charging service could benefit EV drivers. 


Pride Month 

In July and the beginning of August, Pride events will be occurring across the UK. Typically, cities will dedicate certain weekends to celebrating inclusivity for all sexualities and genders. But, it isn’t just those in the LGBTQ+ community that is involved. Anyone who supports Pride is welcome!    

Pride in London Parade

On July the 2nd, are you joining the loud and proud crowds in London? Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or just a supporter, this is the country’s 50th anniversary of Pride month and London is celebrating in style. The Pride in London Parade features more than 300 floats and show-stopping performances across all of the city; from the West End to Trafalgar Square. 


As London will be busy (more than usual), EV drivers should be confident that they will have a fully charged vehicle to return to. Though there will be on-street EV charging points, this will be a first-come-first-serve basis. Who wants to fight with other cars and experience charge rage at a time of celebration? Consider mobile EV chargers that you can set up whenever and wherever you decide to park. Then, once the festivities are over, simply drive away.     


Music Festivals

When it comes to music, us Brits have had our few shares of legends. We practically dominated the 1960s. So, it’s no surprise that even to this day, thousands gather at music festivals across the country to celebrate old and new music artists. 


But, more often than not, these festivals are held in remote locations such as in fields and the countryside. For EV drivers, consider hiring a mobile EV charging service to ensure cars will have the opportunity to park and charge whilst they enjoy the festivities. Find out more information on festivals on our previous blog

Y Not

Based in the Peak District, Y Not Festival is one of the newer annual music festivals to showcase some of the finest music artists, from Stereophonics to even Snoop Dogg. And, you’re surrounded by the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. However, for EV drivers, there are no charge points set up by the festival. This is where mobile EV chargers can make an impact. Perfect for those only attending one day and needing travel to get home and rest. Simply, park at the beginning of the day, set up the EV charging point and go attend the festival. It’s as easy as that. 

Leeds and Reading Festival

Whether you are a Leeds or a Reading attendee, there is one thing you will have in common. In the middle of both Bramham Park and Little John’s Farm, there is no electricity. For many, this is a nightmare for charging phones. But for EV drivers, this means they cannot partake in destination charging over the weekend. 


So, why not rent a mobile charging service? By renting, you are only using the mobile chargers specifically for the festival, then returning them to us. They require no connection to the grid and can be set up wherever the driver prefers.

Sporting Events

In the UK this summer, there is a wide range of sporting events that take place over long periods of time. And, some even occur at various venues in different cities. Though you probably won’t be attending every date, it is important that travel circumstances are considered. Especially for EV drivers. 



Between July 6 and July 31, the UEFA Women’s EURO competition will return to our shores for the first time since 2005. With 9 host cities around the nation, including Brighton, London, Milton Keynes and Sheffield, the tournament kicks off at Old Trafford where our Lionesses take on Austria. 


But, what about fans who are travelling in electric vehicles? For example, Wembley Stadium, which has a capacity of 90,000, will host the final and is recognised as one of the world’s premier stadiums. Yet, there are currently only 10 EV charge points available, located in Red car park. This surely is not enough charge points to meet demand. A mobile EV charging service can benefit drivers who require event charging whilst watching the match. For more information on our services, click here

Elite Vehicle Charging

Elite EV Charge provides the opportunity for drivers to set up their own temporary and permanent mobile EV charging points across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events; we advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. Enjoy the festivities with the confidence that you will be returning to a fully charged vehicle. 

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